What's Your Writing Setting?

Just as everyone who reads different types of books, I also believe that every writer has their own unique way of creating a story. Conjuring up a story is a work of magic that takes more energy than what most people would believe. So I am going to share what my writing setting looks like. It won't work for everyone but it works for me... for now.

The basic layout that you can see in the picture is my desk, double computer screens, and I don't dare guess at how many trees worth of paper I have stockpiled in my office neatly disguised as novels and writing notebooks. A comfortable chair is a MUST have (if you're like me writing, you'll be spending some serious time sitting). two computer monitors because, well, I'm an indie author currently and don't have any interns lining up to help me research any topics related to my story so it helps to have one screen dedicated to my story and the other for research (sorry I am not a PC gamer like you might be thinking, but if you knew me personally you'd already realize just how technology stupid I am - but I am slowly getting better)

I recently moved so my office isn't completely decorated yet with all the gothic statues or any of my Halloween inspired horror stuff. I was able to paint it a color called "Solemn Silence" which seemed spooky enough. I'm a touch colorblind so I'm not completely sure what color it is, but I do know that it always feels a little cooler, more creepy cellar style and I couldn't be happier.

The one thing in my small little office like to call my "Writing Studio" (just a glorified closet really) I have two speakers on the sides of my computer monitors. It is through these that listen to Classical music (yes, you read that correctly) I know there are studies that suggest classical music activates the creative side of your brain, maybe it really does, but all I know is that it is the right amount of soothing and background noise to keep me on task. Now to figure out how to stare at a computer screen for long periods of time without getting a headache...

What is your writing setting like? Do you have any personal preferences about where and how you write? I would love to hear from some of the other writers out there!!

Yes, my first two manuscripts in THE HELIO SERIES are handwritten. I will NEVER do that again if I have a choice. Book One: A JOURNEY'S PROMISE due out in October!! Sign up for announcements and giveaway!

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