Time for the Holidays!

Here's a little gift from me to you, in one form or another. The Helio Series continues against time itself.

THE HELIO SERIES: Book One -A JOURNEY'S PROMISE, published and available to purchase, is on the left computer screen in the picture above. Book Two of the series (Untitled), which is typed and undergoing the first round of intensive editing/revising, is on the right screen. What sits on my lap, composed in my hybrid cursive/print handwriting, sits the mapping and rough outline of Book Three in the series. Yes, I am attempting to keep this type of self discipline and momentum going for as long as I can. Some days the work is easy and fun, but its the other days where time seems to drag on my very soul. All this just in time for the Holidays!

Now, the holidays haven't always been the best time of year for me. Lately, over the last couple of years though, the holidays have become special to me once again. I can feel a little bit of the old holiday flame reigniting inside. As children there was a special kind of magic that made the holiday season special for most. The holiday flame that once burned bright within me as a child quickly faded and I lost touch with the warmth and joy as the years passed. My life's journey swept me into the turbulent air and didn't tell me to buckle-up for the trip. Holiday seasons came and went as if they were just another weekend or day off from work (I typically worked most of them anyways, giving coworkers with families the day off). My journey has been long, winding paths that hover just on the edge of a serious cliff, dangerous, and exhilarating (sometimes all at once). The journey has led me to where I am now, feeling a little spark of that old holiday flame. It's a strange feeling, one that's been lost for so long, but also a little familiar too.

Presents, decorating, cooking, and cleaning... and more cleaning are the common themes around this time of year, the same ones I used to be grateful for missing out on in the past - or so I thought, but not these past few years. Now my life is filled with two large and loving families, the kind that make this time of year feel special again. The kind that can reignite an old lost flame.

I will say that I am not all the way back into the Holiday spirit, but with the two families I have now anything is possible. The seeds of the Holiday spirit have been sowed and I'm okay with that.

The holiday season is stressful enough as it is and adding all this creative writing to it isn't for the faint-of-heart. I'm one of those people who always feels like there is something around the house or property that NEEDS to get done, or worked on. I am guilty of staying busy with pretty much anything other than writing. My writing though is too important to me so I worked out a system, with a little much needed help, and have it structured out for me each day (this doesn't work for everyone). I work better under schedules, the type that are written out and hung up where I will see it everyday. Just another creature of habit I suppose. With all the Holiday buzz of the house/yard transforming into a winter wonderland, finding decent presents, cooking enough food to feed a small army, and the war against keeping the house clean it will be tough to keep on track with the writing/editing/revising/promotions of my novels. Luckily, I am not going through the holidays alone, I have some wonderful people in my life and maybe... just maybe, that's what is fueling the holiday flame. I'm very thankful for where my journey has led me. Happy Thanksgiving.

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