2021 - WHAT A YEAR!! Time for NEW Goals

It's New Year's Eve and the last day of 2021. This past year was filled with many ups and downs (the official soundtrack for life). Yet it is a time to acknowledge and learn from the adventures and experiences of the past 365 days, another opportunity for growth. While there were those days where the time seemed to stand still, every minute feeling like an agonizing hour, there were just as many if not more, where you wanted time to slow down. On this last day of the year I always find myself in a contemplative mood. I sit back and wonder where all the time went and had I made the most of it. So here is a small breakdown of my 2021 followed by my goals for 2022.

2021 Events and Goals

- sold and bought a new home (moved across the state)

- moved from the city to the country (it is still an ongoing adjustment)

- had to replan the entire wedding because of the move

- getting adopted by a WONDERFUL family!! About 3 years ago I went from having a couple really close friends to a new family (5 of them) adopting me and future in-laws (10 of them) - I am still working through the emotions of all of this but I'm just over-the-moon about it all!

- PUBLISHED MY FIRST NOVEL!! I had a goal of getting 2 published but my plate has been full this past year so I am happy with the first one getting done. (the sequel will be out soon in 2022!) I was able to have a launch party for the book, with the help of some amazing people! It was a great success and what a wonderful experience getting to see familiar faces, and some new ones showing up to support my dreams.

- I went into 2021 with a positive attitude and set myself up for one main goal: strive to improve physically, mentally, and spiritually. I accomplished all those and stayed the course on my personal motto, "A smile a day goes a long way". I challenged myself to make at least 1 person smile each day, you never know how impactful that can be to someone else and I met this challenge!

2022 GOALS - Time to set some

  1. Publish 2 novels (3 for extra credit)

  2. Continue to improve in my writing craft by setting a stricter schedule, reading more, and learning more about marketing/advertising through seminars

  3. Make it to at least 1 writing conference/convention/book fair

  4. Finalize all the wedding aspects in good order

  5. Continue to improve physically with overall health, mentally by pursuing higher education and actively practicing good emotional strategies and coping skills, and spiritually by continuing my involvement with the church.

  6. Continue every year with the same motto - "A smile a day goes a long way"

These are just tentative goals I am setting. I know that they will adjust here and there as different circumstances present themselves but I at least have a direction to head. I want to take a final moment to thank everyone who has crossed paths with me this past year, both good and bad, because with each one came a life experience that can be learned from. I look forward to the new year coming up and can't wait to see my progress at the end of it, and the growth of those around me!

Remember, we only have so much time in this life. Whether it drags by or zips by in a blur, make the most of it and don't forget to smile!

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